Reglue A Child's Exposure to Technology Should Never Be Predicated On The Ability To Afford It

Official website of Reglue, a charity that refurbishes old PCs with Linux and other Free and Open Source software, and provides them free of charge to the children and families that need them most. Based just outside of Austin, TX, Reglue has delivered more the 1300 computers since its inception in 2005.

The Blog of Helios Linux is to computing what freedom is to mankind...

Official blog of Ken Starks, founder of The Helios Project, now operating as Reglue.

Fantasy Blogs An exhaustive list of fantasy blogs.

I put together this list of fantasy blogs to give fans of the genre a place to go to find information on their favourite books, movies, games, etc.

Books and Novels to Read

New and aspiring authors are largely ignored by publishers because the industry wants a sure thing, an established author or some sort of celebrity. So, many authors go down the self-published route and then their problem is getting the book seen by the reading public. This website provides FREE ADVERTISING to the many thousands of emerging authors. There are so many good books out there that you wouldn't normally get the chance to read if it were not for the internet. Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Current WIP: approximate numbers only, working titles
The Spell Breaker:
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