Ken Starks: The Unsung Hero

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Ken Starks is, by all standards, a normal guy. He lives in the Austin, Texas area, worked hard his entire life, raised a family, and has lived a mostly good life. Around 2005, Ken was pressure washing a building 38 feet in the air, when the lift failed. He came crashing to the ground, fracturing his spine at the neck. Thus ended one career, and began a new one.

Ken is an extraordinary person. Not because he tried to be. If you ask him about what he does, he is very modest about it, and quick to push the credit off to other people. But without Ken, projects like The Helios Initiative wouldn't exist.

"A Child's Exposure to Technology Should Never Be Predicated On The Ability To Afford it."

That's the mantra of The Helios Initiative which, with Ken as it's founder and lead director, has delivered over 1300 computers to disadvantaged Austin-area kids and their families in the last six years. That's extraordinary, and here's the key: He didn't have to.

Nobody asked Ken to do this. He took the initiative, saw a need in the community, and filled that need. He continues to do so, despite several adverse events in his life. And that's heroic.

But it doesn't end there. Along with supplying computers free of charge to those who need them most, The Helios Initiative runs classes to teach people in the community basic computer skills and give them the tools they need to succeed in this very competitive, very high tech world we live in. There's no value you can put on this.

He doesn't do all this alone now, and has enlisted a great group of people that work with him making this project happen. But it was Ken that got the ball rolling.

I wanted to help Ken and his project, and so I have partnered with him and The Helios Initiative in order to hopefully bring more computers and education to more children and families in need. For every eBook that I sell, I will donate $0.50 to The Helios Initiative, and for every print book I sell, I will donate $1.00. My hope is that over time, this will amount to a sizable sum, but I can't do that without you, my faithful readers.

There is no time limit on this, and no upper cap. No terms or conditions and no catches. If I sell ten thousand eBooks, Ken will receive five thousand dollars. It's that simple. For the cost of $2.99, you get what I hope will be a great read, and a small donation will be made to a very worthy cause. Even if you don't enjoy my book (which I'm sure you will), you've still done something great!

Thanks for reading!

I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say. Contact Me, I'd love to hear from you.

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