GalaxyFest Coverage, Day 3

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Today brings us the conclusion of our GalaxyFest coverage. Thanks Shay, for bringing us highlights from this fantastic convention!

Star date 2-26-2012

The convention is nearing its end and I gotta say, I'm a little sad to be leaving. This was my first Con so the experience will always be something I treasure and remember. Yesterday's post was dedicated to the celebrities appearing at the Con this year. They were all so nice and graciously allowed me to gush and geek out (I'm sure they get a kick out of it).

For this post I gotta give props to the people of the Con, those wonderful souls who dress up to show their love for all things scifi and fantasy. I have decided that in order to NOT feel out of place, I'll dress up at ComicCon. Someone suggested having two outfits; I'm thinking blue Star Fleet uniform (since I AM a doctor after all) and one that's maybe a steampunk version of a doctor.

Speaking of steam punk, here's a lovely couple dressed to the 9's. Seeing these outfits is what made me really want to dress up. The lovely young lady actually made a lot of her accessories.

This next guy was hilarious. He had been to visit our table both Friday and Saturday dressed on Mountain Dew boxes all taped together with yellow and green duct tape. I think todays steampunk Indiana Jones was way cool!

I was super excited to see a Browncoat wandering by my table. I was so sad when Firefly only lasted one season. Thank goodness for DVDs :D

What would a scifi Con be without some Star Wars costumes? This first one is of a very flexible bounty hunter. And her light saber even made noise when she waved it around! SQUEEE!!

When this pair walked into the room, they owned it! People followed them around, begging for photos. The Tusken Raider was super tall, so he seriously dominated the room. He had some sort of voice box or other gadget that made him actually sound like a Tusken raider. The female bounty hunter was also extremely cool and very sexy in those tall black boots.

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