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2012-Oct-3 -> from the fun-and-games-with-prizes department Tags: galadir-disconsertion 

Not much of a clue today. I thought I'd be merciful and give y'all a fighting chance. So here's the first page, right here on my site. The rest won't be this easy. ;)

The Galadir Disconsertion, Page 1

The Galadir Disconsertion, Page 1

I hope y'all will help me spread the word and build up that prize pool. The current total is $20.50, so hey, figure out the puzzle and you'll get a good lunch, on me.

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By Ia Uaro on Fri 5 Oct 2012 01:05:54 pm [ Reply ] Merciful??? Hiya Thomas, this ain't a clue to me :(

Thanks again for helping me with formatting. If you ever make a version for the vision impaired, white paper is lighter (you need more pages).

How's your friend? I hope he's better. And the ms-polishing and the pitch thread? I can't get away from my day job - and from my kids - at this time. Have fun there!

By Thomas A. Knight on Fri 5 Oct 2012 02:05:49 pm [ Reply ] Hey Ia.

If you click on it, there is a much larger image (which is why it's a link). Decipher the code, translate the message, and solve the puzzle to win. :)

I promise, it's not impossible, just very very difficult.

By JivaFang on Tue 9 Oct 2012 10:22:53 pm [ Reply ] Yay.. A challenge.
I doubt I'll remember to check for all your clues but i will have fun with this page for now :)

By Thomas A. Knight on Tue 9 Oct 2012 11:39:14 pm [ Reply ] JivaFang: You can always subscribe by email, that way you'll be notified when new pieces of the puzzle go up.

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